Art Storage

Art Storage

Secure and professional

  • Collective and individual storage
  • Permanent climate control
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Access control and security codes
  • Excellent energy efficiency

Art repositories

High-quality and close

Our Services

  • Trained personnel
    Our trained storage employees know precisely what is important when it comes to securely and attentively storing your high-value and sensitive exhibits, and they observe the climatic conditions and consider the security necessities in order to ensure the optimal storage of your objects.
  • Storage of customs goods
    At various locations in Germany, we offer you the possibility to store non-Union goods duty-free for an unlimited time. Our customs warehouses are permitted by customs authorities and adhere to the highest security standards and to the climatic requirements that ensure your works are optimally stored.
  • Packaging concept for long-term storage
    Besides our conventional packaging materials, we offer you, among other things, special acid-free cardboard and roll cores to ensure the attentive long-term storage of your exhibits.
  • Showroom
    Many of our locations have show rooms which are available, at any time, for the inspection, restoration or photographing of your objects.
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climate concept

Efficient and ecological

To provide our storage spaces with energy in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable way, we use the most modern procedures and technologies. In this regard, we outperform the highest European energy class by more than 55%, and use less than 20 kWh/m² of energy in our storage halls each year.

Our climate measures

  • Geothermic energy
    For the heating and cooling of our storage spaces, we use geothermal power. This brings not only economical but also ecological advantages, such as resource conservation, independence from oil and gas, and reduction in CO2.
  • Insulated walls and roof constructions
    We use the most modern insulation procedures in order to protect your objects from outside temperature fluctuations when they are in our storage halls..
  • Solar energy
    On our roofs there are solar panels that provide energy to the storage facilities. Thanks to this environmentally-friendly measure, we convert our storage halls into additional energy repositories, powered exclusively by self-produced and green energy.

Stable room temperature in our warehouse in Munich, 2019

We guarantee a constant interior climate

To protect your artworks from external influence as well as possible and preserve their value, our art warehouses have a consistent interior climate that is continuously monitored by an intelligent control system.

Constant air humidity levels for the protection of your objects

In addition to temperature, we also pay attention to the ideal air humidity in our air-conditioned art storage facilities.

Consistent humidity values in our Munich warehouse, 2019

Art logistics

Reliable and worry-free

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