Interesting facts about
relocation and transport

Sea freight

  • Recommended for complete households, vehicles, larger objects
  • Suitable from a volume of 4cbm
  • Applicable regulations for sea transports are dependent on the respective destination for third country transports
  • Depending on the destination, the transit times for sea freight are between 8 and 52 days (plus 1-2 weeks lead and onward time)

Port to Port overview 

Possible container sizes for transport:

Air freight

  • Recommended for urgent shipment and personal goods such as documents, prototypes, clothing, etc.
  • Particularly suitable for shipments under 4 cbm
  • Items to be sent must not exceed a maximum height of 1.60 m
  • Transit times for air freight including preparation and follow-up are usually between 2-3 weeks (door-to-door)

Land transport

  • Recommended for Pan-European transports of any kind
  • For small relocation volumes special trips with a small delivery van are possible, otherwise the loading takes place via a combination transport (this requires flexibility, but costs less)
  • Large relocation consignment are coorindated as a direct-transport. An individually scheduled consignment planned through our centralised dispatch office.