Furniture Storage

Safe and state-of-the-art

  • Burglar and fire alarm system
  • Fire prevention system
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Access control and security codes
  • Motion detector
  • Bonded and customs warehouses


High-quality and close

Additional storage locations:
Individual storage is possible on request.

Our Full Services

  • Trained personnel
    We know what is important when it comes to the safe storage of your goods and we are constantly adapting and training to meet your requirements. Our customers can rely on the reliable storage of their relocation goods until needed.
  • Inventories
    With the help of the most modern inventory methods, we always know which items are currently being stored with us, their special requirements, and what needs to be considered when storing them.
  • Storage insurance
    We offer a storage insurance so that your moving goods are appropriately secured & covered in the event of an exceptional situation and providing all our customers that peace of mind. We guarantee professional handling at all times during storage as well as state-of-the-art monitoring systems to safeguard the storage facility.
  • Packing services
    Storing your goods safely comes at the highest priority. All goods are individually packed and wrapped by our trained hasenkamp packing team and stored in such a way to ensure a safe storage. Our patented hasenkamp transport crates are utilized for the high-value goods upon request. Made to measure for each individual item, catering to their needs.
  • Pick-up and delivery service
    The collection and delivery services bring our logtistics network to your assistance. We collect your items directly from your residence, office, or item location, with re-delivery possible on a global scale.
  • Shipment-commissioning
    Commissioning and freight-forwarding complete our storage portfolio. Should you require a consignment, a shipment, or a client order need dispatching, this can be done directly through our commissioning and freightforwarding service. Fast, efficient and direct.
Are you looking for a safe storage space for your relocation goods?

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