The company

Since hasenkamp's founding in 1903, we have remained as an owner-managed company. Now in our 5th generation, we still thrive and live for our passion; the passion for providing global logistics projects.

Even with over 100 years of experience and great commitment, we always enjoy facing new challenges. Our more than 600 global employees transfer their entire know-how from dealing with values, ​​to all of our business areas to guarantee a high level of quality, security, discretion, and environmental-awareness at all times.


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The Board

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Social responsibility

We are aware of our social responsibility towards our employees and the general public and actively promote equal working conditions without discrimination and the fair treatment of all people. Transparent and ethically correct working practices are of utmost importance to us and are actively lived by all members of our company.

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We have always been committed to our corporate responsibility towards society and the environment as well as long-term customer satisfaction as the primary goal of our integrated management system. In order to ensure the highest possible quality standard in all areas of the company, we therefore continuously optimize our processes, services and procedures.

Our Quality Management carries out all controls in the relevant areas of quality, Environment, and energy in accordance with the requirements of the standards (DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015, DIN EN ISO 50001:2018), as well as, the standard for the preservation of cultural heritage DIN EN 15946 and DIN EN 16648 and according to the FIDI standards. Our processes are documented in detail in this context and designed in such a way that they meet our quality, environmental, and energy goals at all times. In this way we can guarantee a continuous optimization process.

Accredited Certification Companies (DEKRA, FAIM, Coordination Center Cap GEmini, Ernst & Young) audit the effectiveness of our integrated management system as part of audits at regular intervals.

Your trust is in good hands with hasenkamp!

Our values

Our values ​​represent the focus of our corporate culture and determine our actions. Every day, in our communication with one another, with our suppliers, partners, customers, with you.

  • Tradition
    Our experience and the know-how has been built up over many years form the basis for our professional services. They are the guarantee for our consistency. That is why we share our knowledge and learn from one another; openly and across generations. Identifying with our history gives us and our environment the security and confidence to break new ground together.
  • Responsibility

    As part of our services, we bear a lot of responsibility for the goods of our customers. We meet this challenge with a high level of know-how and professionalism of our employees. Each individual makes a direct contribution to our success and can make a big difference. Therefore, we not only clarify responsibilities, but also encourage every employee to take responsibility and be self-effective.

    We are convinced that it is the right way to promote our employees and to support them in their development. We create the necessary freedom and live an open-error culture, because those who take responsibility also make mistakes. Communicating these openly, making optimizations to avoid the same mistakes in the future, is the way forward to improving.

    We are obliged to society. We live up to our corporate social responsibility by expanding our local commitment and further expanding and continuously optimizing specific measures for environmental protection.

  • Loyalty
    We rely on long-term and reliable relationships based on respect and trust. To do this, we communicate honestly and fairly with our counterparts and show mutual interest; we value each other's skills. We stand by one another and keep our word, especially in difficult times.
  • Innovation
    It is our aim to continuously improve ourselves and our services, and to exceed the expectations of our customers. To do this, we continuously question our processes, continuously develop our packaging, transport technologies, sales channels, and integrate digital applications into our workflow. We are open to innovative impulses, exchange ideas with one another, discuss new ideas in order to try them out in practice, integrate them, or reject them. The tried and tested are combined with the new, in order to achieve the best possible result and to force permanent improvement. The courage to go new ways, to get young people excited about us and to be inspired by them, secures our future.
  • Passion
    We are passionate problem-solvers. We are happy to face our customers' challenges every day because we know that we have the skills to master them. We inspire our surroundings and ourselves, with our commitment, our love of detail, with the will to always do more than required. We sometimes act pragmatically and think “out-of-the-box” in order to find a solution for the respective project.