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The 30-year Hasenkamp hanging system: safety and flexibility in art logistics

The advantages of the Hasenkamp hanging system are its modularity and flexibility. It is an assembly, a transport and a depot system all in one.

Since its patent application in 1992, the Hasenkamp hanging system has ensured that pictures are secure when placed on walls and in art depots or during transport.

Cologne/Frechen, 24 August 2023 – Over the course of three decades, the Hasenkamp hanging system has become an indispensable tool in art logistics. The hanging system was first affixed to the back of picture frames in 1993 and has since become an invisible component on many famous works of art in museums, galleries and private collections in the decades that followed. The novelty was the system’s unique method to base a variety of customisable modules after attaching the patented hanging system to the frame once. An idea as relevant today as it was then. Due to its well thought-out concept, the hanging solution ensures safe transport, easy wall or ceiling mounting, as well as further space-saving storage of artwork.

'The system originated from the idea of avoiding causing damage to artworks. Traditionally, works of art were attached to the back of the frame by means of eyelets, which could lead to creeping damage to the often precious frames through repeated transports. The Hasenkamp suspension system solved this problem with its innovative and patented fastening technology', explains Thomas Schneider, owner and Managing Director of the specialist logistics company Hasenkamp.

The advantages of the system lie in its modularity and flexibility. It is an assembly, a transport and a depot system all in one. And there are two basic variants: a hanging system for hook mounting or a Vario hanging system for wire rope mounting.

Assembled: according to the work of art
The characteristics of its frame are as specific as the work of art is unique. The hanging system meets these requirements. Various system components allow for adaption to the work. An additional factor: the mounting of the system on the back of the frame offers better load distribution compared to conventional eyelets. This is made possible by a double screw fitting. 

Transported: contactless and with a secure hold
The Hasenkamp hanging system distinguishes the transport of works of art through minimal contact with the artwork and minimal use of additional packaging material. Sensitive painting surfaces benefit from this, because the hanging technique allows the artwork to be securely mounted in a transport frame or picture crate with little contact.

Deposited: standing or hanging
With the hanging system, the storage of artwork also opens up new possibilities and guarantees more security for the piece. Standing in the transport frame or, if requested, with an extension for lattice wall mounting – artworks are effortlessly hung on a lattice wall. This method makes it is possible to dispense with conventional S-hooks, which tend to fall out of the lattice wall during handling and could possibly damage works of art.

With its patented hanging system, Hasenkamp brought an innovation to the art market 30 years ago and has continued to make the handling, storage and transport of works of art safer and more efficient to this day. In addition to the hanging system, the company is consistently researching improvements such as environmentally friendly packaging materials, innovative transport solutions or the particularly low-vibration mounting in picture crates. All this comes with the potential to produce another evergreen product for the next 30 years.

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The logistics company Hasenkamp, founded in 1903, is managed in the 5th generation by its owners Hans Ewald Schneider and Dr. Thomas Georg Schneider and by Ralf Ritscher. In addition to its headquarters on the Cologne city border in Frechen, the family-owned company has more than 40 locations worldwide. Around 1,000 employees lend a hand when it comes to planning, transport and storage of sensitive and valuable goods. Today, tradition and innovation at Hasenkamp are based on a regularly audited DIN and ISO certified quality, environmental and energy management process. This points the company's way into a sustainable future. Hasenkamp divides its activities into four business units: Fine Art, Relocation, Archive Depot and Final Mile Services.

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