Central repository

High-value art collection being relocated

In 2018, the art collection of the Prussian Castles and Gardens Foundation, Berlin, was moved into its newly built location. This major project was entirely managed and carried out by hasenkamp.

The collection consists of approximately 28,000 objects; including paintings, musical instruments, textiles, furniture, clocks, individual handcraft items, lamps, carts, sedan chairs, metal objects, a ceramics collection, the historic glass collection, and historic carpets.

For the secure transportation of the objects, all the steps of the process were planned and prepared in detail. Precisely measured packaging was prepared and various packaging materials were assembled, all aiding in safe transport of the high-value goods.

It was the task of the hasenkamp art packers to demount the prized collection and pack them for transportation in a professional and secure manner.

Upon delivery to there new location, our art packers unpacked them with especial care and positioned them according to the Art-Director's planning.


  • Transportation of 28,000 objects of the most varied types
  • Planning of all steps of the process in advance
  • Secure packing of all objects