Egyptian Museum Cairo

Tutankhamun loan items for seven-year world tour

For more than 30 years, hasenkamp has been active in Egypt's cultural centers such as Luxor and Cairo, and for the past five years it has had an art-alliance member at that location, in the form of the company Logitrans.

For the Tutankhamun world tour, hasenkamp packed about 200 exhibits from the tomb of the world-famous pharaoh, so that these could withstand a seven-year world tour. A large portion of the exhibits had never left Egypt before.

For the secure transportation of the objects, every exhibit was first examined on-site, after which the necessary crates were made by our in-house carpentry facility in Germany and transported to Cairo. Transportation of the exhibits to the various destinations worldwide was also conducted and overseen by our experienced project-coordinators, in order to ensure that the objects were shipped and installed securely.


  • Transportation of more than 200 highly sensitive objects
  • Crate construction in our in-house carpentry facility and transferral to Cairo
  • Installation of the loaned items at all points of the tour