Humboldt-Forum Berlin

Transportation of large-format
museum items

In process since the end of 2017, sensitive objects from Berlin's Ethnological Museum and Museum of Asian Art are being transferred into the Humboldt Forum in Berlin-Mitte, with an expected completion date of September 2020.

This particularly includes transporting large-format objects like boats, houses, totem and ancestor poles.

Hasenkamp has been entrusted with all the tasks in this exciting project; from the planning and the production of transportation crates, through the secure packaging, to the transportation of the objects.

To prevent pests from entering the Humboldt Forum in Berlin-Mitte, all the objects from the Ethnological Museum, before being moved, are cleaned by experienced restorers and subjected to nitrogen treatment in a foil tent.

The large-format objects are transported to the Humboldt-Forum in Berlin by special transportation and are then lifted into the exhibition rooms with the help of a haulage scaffold and a gantry crane, after which they are unpacked and installed.

A particular challenge during this logistical project was the transportation of the Luf Boat. With a total length of 15.20 meters and a weight of 8,000 kg, it is not only the heaviest, but also the biggest, and at the same time the most sensitive, object in the collection.

The boat was packed in a transportation-crate with the extraordinary dimensions of 2.50 meters in height, 16 meters in length, and 1.40 meters in width. After that, the boat was transported from Berlin's Dahlem neighborhood to the construction site in Berlin Mitte using a special transporter. A specially constructed hoist was used to maneuver the boat, complete with packaging, into the hall. There it remains in its transportation crate for the time being, until work on the site is completed in 2020.


  • Transportation of large-format objects
  • Construction of a 15-meter-long crate for the Luf Boat
  • Nitrogen treatment of the objects to eradicate pests
  • Use of a haulage scaffold and gantry crane for installation