Mitte Museum Berlin

Construction clearance

2016 saw the comprehensive renovation of Mitte Museum Berlin. Hasenkamp were awarded the clearance & storage of the entire museum. The 6-month-long process saw roughly 70,600 objects to be packed, transported, and stored, consisted of documents, photographs & models, paintings, sculptures, porcelain pieces, metal exhibits, and furniture & fixtures.

The entire collection of the museum was documented, inventorized, and appropriately packed and labeled by our art packers, so that it would be possible to reassign the objects to their original locations. All the objects were loaded into Hasenkamp Art Logistics trucks, secured, transported to hasenkamp's storage, and professionally stored for the duration of the renovation work on the museum building.

Upon the completion of the restoration & renovation works, hasenkamp transported the objects back to Mitte Museum Berlin and installed them in their original places.


  • Removal of 70,600 objects from the museum
  • Documentation and inventorizing of the works
  • Storage of the objects in hasenkamp's art warehouse
  • Installation and placement following the building clearance