Comprehensive supervision of the "Margiana" exhibition tour

After hasenkamp's first occasion working in Turkmenistan, for New York's Metropolitan Museum, and had packaged items on loan for the museum, we were commissioned by the Culture Ministry; to package and entirely manage the "Margiana" exhibition tour. Even for logistics specialists such as ours, it was a big challenge, involving the first archaeological artifacts that Turkmenistan had ever released for an exhibition.

Among others, objects made from ivory were to be displayed. That being so, we needed to inform the organizers that these artifacts could not be exhibited, due to Turkmenistan being one of the few remaining countries in the world that have yet to sign the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, and therefore cannot internationally loan any exhibits that fall under this prohibition.

An additional challenge for problem-free implementation in Turkmenistan was finding reliable partners for customs clearances and secure transportation within the country. Since our project coordinators and art packers have many years' experience with exhibits from all over the world, we successfully completed this large project and placed the exhibits securely in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.


  • Packaging and transportation of sensitive valuables
  • Finding reliable cooperation partners in Turkmenistan
  • Secure transportation of the goods to New York